Toshiba excite write at15pe-a32 review

Using the 8-MP shooter, we took clean images of our co-workers and desk space throughout the office. The front-facing camera suffices for video chat, and that's all I'd recommend using it for. The Excite Write is the first Toshiba tablet with x resolution and premium speakers. On top of that, the Write is a relatively thick and heavy tablet at In theory, its inch, 2, x 1, IPS display should sear away our retinas with its splendor, but actually, the opposite happens.

Tapping on its center will corroborate this assumption. Whatever snazzy marketing name Toshiba's slapped on it, its colors lack the pizzazz we expect from something so high-res. Strikethroughs or cross-outs will delete a word or portion of it; a curved underscore will join word fragments together; while a straight line drawn down between letters will add a space.

It expertly copies notes from whiteboards and paper documents while automatically removing borders, straightening distortion, reducing glare and brightening contrast. Like we said, it's pretty basic stuff.

Toshiba Excite Write review

The keyboard also supports voice typing, which can be initiated by pressing the microphone on the left side. On the graphics benchmark Taiji, the Write turned in a respectable 40 frames per second, despite its much higher resolution display, where the Nexus 10 only managed 26 fps.

Toshiba also bundles its own TruNote handwriting and sketching app with the Excite Write. TruPen offers smooth, no-slip writing with virtually no lag.

Apps The Excite Write comes bundled with a slew of Toshiba-branded apps, ranging from utilities to media players, as well as Google's family of apps, including Gmail, Google Hangouts, Google Plus and its Chrome Web browser. In fact, we stumbled upon it by chance days after using the tablet.

The stylus was responsive in everyday use, especially when using it to handwrite URLs or search queries in Google and YouTube. The Nexus 7 2, scored higher than the Galaxy Note The Excite Write's main selling point is its bundled stylus with active digitizer.

Smoother even than writing with the Note Stylus Mobile appears as a separate app within the Excite Write's drawer, but it's really just an input option. We even read text on a nearby soda bottle without having to zoom in on the object.

At that point, a wheel will surround your finger with options to set the exposure, white balance, HDR, scenes modes, flash and switch cameras. If you're considering the Write for its bundled active digitizer pen, I'd recommend going with the Galaxy Note We need to talk about the Excite Write's screen.

That's exacerbated by the rear-facing speakers—the Nexus 10's front facing stereo speakers sound clearer. There's also no bass to be found at all, but that's typical of all tablets at this point.

Let the show begin. TruPen offers smooth, no-slip writing with virtually no lag.

Toshiba Excite Write

Flanking either side of this is the DC charging port below and, near the top-left edge, a volume rocker and 3. The camera also enables smooth video chats, so you can stay connected with your social network. Software features The Excite Write ships with Android 4. See our returns policy for more information.

However, the Excite Write doesn't give you anywhere to put its pen, and its battery life is considerably shorter than the competition's.

The situation is definitely getting better, but as usual, most of these apps look pretty bad on large tablets.

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Users can even overwrite on a word to correct misspellings. The Excite Write doesn't go as far as the Galaxy Note Camera The Toshiba Excite Write features a 1.

Aug 08,  · Toshiba's Excite Write reads well on paper, but its execution leaves a lot to be desired. Consumers are better off spending that $ elsewhere. Be the first to review the Excite Write? Toshiba Excite Write AT15PE-A32 - tablet - Android Product Details Toshiba Excite Write AT15PE-A32 - tablet - Android The Excite Write is the first Toshiba tablet with x resolution and premium speakers.

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Toshiba Excite Write AT15PE-A32 PDA0EUY Inch 32GB Tablet (Silver) by Toshiba. Write a review.

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See All Buying Options. Add to Wish List If the Toshiba Excite Write sounds like it would be fun and useful for you, and you don't mind the price, you might really like the tablet. Also, sorry if this sounds like a canned or paid review. Toshiba Excite Series Specs.

Review Toshiba Excite Write Model AT15PE-A32 AT15PE-A32 Country Kits United States.

Toshiba Excite Write Review

The Excite Write is the first Toshiba tablet with x resolution and premium speakers. Images and text come alive with stunning color and sharp clarity on its PixelPure display while the TruPen provides a real pen and paper experience perfect for taking notes.

Toshiba excite write at15pe-a32 review
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