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A Single Shard is a well-written book that includes accurate details from the past and explores the lifestyle associated with the art of creating pottery. It is a story of a year old, homeless orphan named Tree-ear in 12th century Korea. Now that Tree-ear is growing up he longs for a purpose in l An unusual story and uncommon setting mixed with a strong protagonist makes A Single Shard a high-quality work of historical fiction written by Linda Sue Park.

He's not as good as Min because of his personality. Someone gives him a coat. And although the way the characters spoke was a bit too out of place for me, as I'm too accustomed to YA literature these days, I couldn't help but keep turning the pages.

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Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. It is a story of a year old, homeless orphan named Tree-ear in 12th century Korea. Students could compare and contrast the way of life in 12th century Korea and present day by looking at transportation, jobs, housing, and other luxuries or lack there of.

All ages will also find a fascinating and remarkably r Set in 12th century Korea, this book offers a glimpse into an ancient and ritualized society through the memorable and touching story of a young orphan boy and his foster father, an elderly hermit. Ah, so spare and graceful. He secretly watches the master potter, Min, then sneaks a peak at a piece of Min's work only to break it.

At one point he loses hope of ever learning anything about becoming a potter, "How much slower the work when the joy of it is gone," but later he finds a new outlet.

As Tree-Ear begins working for Min, he learns each step in the process of making pottery from gathering the clay at the riverbank to the final firing. During this time Korean celadon pottery was coveted around the world, and Tree-Ear longed to be like one of the master potters in his well known village.

He asks Crane-man, who advises against telling Min, at least until Kang makes his innovation public. Now that Tree-ear is growing up he longs for a purpose in life and takes interest in the famous celadon pottery his village produces.

They have a point. The book also allows for plenty of discussion opportunities debating right vs. There are several ethical discussions within the story.

Those who did not have families typically sought refuge in Buddhist temples. The end notes were very intresting and enriched the story. I couldn't help but marvel at his determination because I most certainly would not hike up into the mountains and cut wood without insurance, good pay, and a man to do all the work for me.

Despite the incredulity of the emissary's assistant, Min is offered a commission and Tree-ear is given safe passage home on a ship. I didn't like Ha Jin's "Waiting" for the same reason. Absolutely fantastic as a multicultural tale, but just plain good for anyone and everyone to read. Those are reasonable requests, no.

List some of the things that you and people you know are passionate about. Nine days turns into eighteen months, changing both Tree-ear and Min's life forever. He goes in for a closer look and when the potter finds him there, he startles and knocks a valuable piece off the shelf and it breaks.

There was quite a lot to this story. The complex firing process is simplified for her book, but you get the idea.

Tree-ear is thankful, but he cannot bear wearing such wonderful clothes when Crane-man has none.

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He observes him, wishing to become a potter himself some day. · A Single Shard won the Newbery Medal, a prestigious award that the American Library Association grants yearly to an author who makes the most important contribution to  · But ‘A Single Shard’ is a Newbery Medal winner, and I’m trying to read all of the Newberys, so I ended up getting it from the library.

I ended up thoroughly enjoying the book, and I  · A Single Shard plays through Sunday, May 29, at a People’s Light – 39 Conestoga Road, in Malvern, PA. For tickets, call the box office at ()or purchase them online. "A Single Shard" by Linda Sue Park is about an orphan named Tree-ear who lives with Crane-Man, an old, homeless widower who took Tree-ear in when an epidemic raged through the monasteries', who could not keep Tree-ear in fear of contaminating Park (Seesaw Girl) molds a moving tribute to perseverance and creativity in this finely etched novel set in mid- to late 12th-century Korea.

In Ch'ul'po. A shard is a broken piece of pottery, and the boy and his mentor are broken shards of people. However, both of them retain enough of the design to continue their lives. This is a wonderful tale of an abandoned orphan growing up with a .

Review the single shard
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