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Other helpful features might differentiate one textbook rental company from its competitors. The prices are also acceptable given the high cost of purchasing a new textbook and the condition, although used, are in surprisingly good shape. Also, I would love to see the price of membership go down or have an option to pay for only the time that I need.

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May 24, This company is convenient, organized and very reliable and has very competitive prices. Generally speaking, it is easy to tell which book you need to buy because the information is clearly listed. This is usually an additional fee added to your rental fee. Multiple methods of contact: To solve this problem, CampusBookRentals.

Because they work almost exclusively with students, they often run attractive promotions, offer loyalty rewards and ship products fast. Some companies have customer rewards programs that allow you to accrue points for every book that you rent.

Easy peasy lemon squeezy. Questions to ask when choosing a textbook rental company Top What rental period options are available. They offer great deals sometimes. Online textbook rental expert reviews.

Email Thank you, you have successfully subscribed to our newsletter. However, it is mentioned in more than one review that as far as textbook rental companies are concerned, their prices are slightly higher than other comparable service providers.

Some companies charge lots of hidden fees, so be sure to look into what you might be responsible for at the end of your rental. It offers free shipping on every order as well as helpful customer service and a large selection of textbooks with flexible due dates.

Some companies offer overnight or rush shipping for customers who need their books right away. But CampusBooks was way overpriced. Get expert buying tips about Textbook Rental delivered to your inbox. Check out and return policy was easy, accepts major credit cards or debit cards and guarantee in stock of books, too.

I did not like when the condition of the book when it arrived to me did not match the condition I specifically selected to receive, when ordering online. When we have so many textbooks that we need to buy, this can make a big difference. I have never had a bad experience.

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But the textbooks are easy to rent and able to save a large amount of money over purchasing a textbook for only one course. Top Students who need books fast Online textbook rental companies often carry the largest stock of college and university books or have access to the most resellers which means they can ship books quickly.

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I liked that I could rent the textbook without purchasing it because it cost less than purchasing the book I would soon no longer need and could trade it back in.

Choose your own rental length: Types of online textbook rental companies Top Campus bookstores The first companies to offer online textbook rentals were those that already served the college textbook market. When we have so many textbooks that we need to buy, this can make a big difference.

Are you in school. The services was professional. It was clear and understanding. A textbook rental company should be upfront about all of the fees associated with the rental. We saved a lot of money that we used for other necessities.

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You can often find good prices on these sites since each seller is competing for your business. May 30, I like that you can set your own return date and that they give you a grace period of about 15 days.

Sometimes you could get one that is dirty and worn out. Then I had to go to campus bookstore to get registered for textbook rentals. What additional features are available. Another feature I did not appreciate occurred when I sent the book back on the same day my "rental period" ended as instructed, but would then have to call customer service to void a fee for "extending my rental period" by a whole month when I didn't even have the book in my possession.

Shipping fees vary among companies, with some offering free shipping and others charging a flat or graduated rate. 23 CampusBooks Consumer Reviews and Complaints Then I had to go to campus bookstore to get registered for textbook rentals. It compares its current prices to those at nearly all other /5(23).

Hello,This book was ordered on January 19th. The customer paid an extra $ for expedited shipping which is business days. With one day of processing it was shipped out on the 20th. The customer contacted us on the 24th about not getting his book and due to.

The #1 book rental site! I've rented three books so far and my experience was beyond amazing. They came very quick, tracking was provided for all orders, and I received the return mailers each time.

The best thing about them is that they give 15 days to return. To solve this problem, promises their customers new or gently used textbooks that they can rent for less than half the price of purchasing the book.

The website claims that their system has saved more than half a million students more than $ million in just the last six years alone. The best thing about them is that they give 15 days to return the book after the due date, and customer service is A+.

I always check this site first to rent from. Useful. Campus Book Rentals claims to have "nearly every textbook available for rent," and a quick look at the offerings makes that claim believable.

Whether you're looking for a biology textbook or a marketing study guide, you can count on Campus Book Rentals to have what you need.

CampusBooks Campus book rentals customer reviews
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