Books vs computers

Also most people I work with will print out a long email or document, as things are just easier to read on paper rather than on screen. Daniel Rego, USA As someone who works in a library, I am constantly alarmed by the lack of spelling and grammar skills shown by students.

But where computers are really going to shine in conjunction with the internet is online courses of education.

The computer has replaced the book.

In contrast, although a digital text has a length—which is sometimes represented with a scroll or progress bar—it has no obvious shape or thickness. In one study, a comparison was made between how well students learnt by using course material in paper format and the same material made into seven web pages, with no scrolling being needed.

In the first pair of tests, the participants who studied on screen performed just as poorly compared to those who read on paper as in the study from As long as we are not all native digital readers, there will be occasions when most of us will be more comfortable reading printed text, for example, when proofreading.

The participants also answered a few questions to determine reading comprehension.

The Reading Brain in the Digital Age: The Science of Paper versus Screens

Books vs computers the students read the texts on paper and half read them in pdf files on computers with inch liquid-crystal display LCD monitors. In some ways the information revolution has just begun.

Books vs E-Books: Pros and Cons

It is not only the devices that have evolved, either: In fifty years time will people be wandering around antiquarian computer shops drooling over some old Amstrad PC with double disk drive. Secondly,today bussiness [should be "business"] life want employees who are aable [able] Best of luck in your studies.

Some experiments, however, suggest that researchers should look not just at immediate reading comprehension, but also at long-term memory. From time to time, I collaborate with teachers, and sometimes their students, in Western Canada -- all without ever having been to any of these places.

New e-publishing companies like Atavist offer tablet readers long-form journalism with embedded interactive graphics, maps, timelines, animations and sound tracks.

Computer based learning has more distractions as well. That would be a difficult contention to justify, I would think. Homework he can access all information about his homework by using internet website include in articals pictures or short films.

Computers are an important part of society today and used in conjunction with books, are a worthwhile educational tool. Thus, while we may see or hear an event on our computer terminal there is nothing better than to confirm the same from a newspaper or a book.

Many teachers throughout the world have done so and continue to do so. In my opinion, teachers are far too keen to sit pupils in front of a computer screen and research information for themselves.

I think issues such as cost, portability and reliability will have to be resolved before computers will finally replace books as the main tool for education. In the future all people will be controling their job from computer.

Reading books is a waste of time. Darcy rebuffing Elizabeth Bennett on the bottom of the left-hand page in one of the earlier chapters. A study conducted at the University of Central Florida reached similar conclusions. To prepare for it, we read scientific articles and picked out a few of those as examples.


But computers are also useful, and being able to search for information on them is invaluable for research. Brian Pyle, USA The internet is aimed at a society with minimal attention span - the couch potato generation Kev, UK The internet is aimed at a society with minimal attention span - the couch potato generation.

They studied the texts under three different time conditions: In turn, such navigational difficulties may subtly inhibit reading comprehension. Surely it is better to rejoice in the new-found technology which has enriched the lives and life chances of future generations. Di Stewart, USA This debate has made me more nostalgic about those days when we cared about nothing like TV or computers or other things but only about stories from books, from my mum or my grandma.

Books fit easily into pockets and handbags. Finally, computers allow one other aspect of the creative process that is emphasized far too little in schools, and which is difficult to emphasize without students having access to computers:. BOOKS VS COMPUTERS BOOK HISTORY It was invented by the Sumerians about five thousand years ago.

The Sumerians developed baked clay tables which can be regarded as the first books. Books back then were written one by.

A study claims that old-fashioned books are better than computers at raising standards among primary school children. But are books a better aid to learning? Books> e-books, computers> just books.

This question should be books vs. E-books. Obviously, a book's knowledge is limited and computers allow access to millions of universal pages of knowledge, entertainment, information that is updated daily such as forecasts and news announcements. Traditional Books Are More Tactile.

Clearly, traditional books are more tactile in nature. They have a heft in the hand that feels entirely different from holding an e-reader. Jan 05,  · a political matter of good old fashioned reading to the world of computer gaming took into the hands of weirdo's. In conclusion, books vs computers is a kind of debate that has seen people coming out with different opinions.

Some conclude that computer are expensive compared to books but one can agree that the cost of entire books needed in one’s career is much more compared to the cost of a laptop.

Books vs computers
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